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KRONIS LYNA Goalkeeper Gloves

KRONIS LYNA Goalkeeper Gloves

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KRONIS goalkeeper gloves, our most popular selling gloves, offer enhanced grip, protection and padding delivering game changing performance in professional soccer goalie gloves.

Color: Black / Pink / White

Cutting-Edge Design

The LYNA gloves feature a revolutionary wrapped/flat/negative cut combination. The two middle fingers are flat cut, while the stitching forms a negative cut, resulting in an air-sealed mechanism that tightens as your fingers enter. This innovative design eliminates any sliding inside the glove, ensuring a secure fit. Additionally, the thumb is equipped with a wrap-around cut, providing a larger surface area for enhanced catching capabilities.

Unparalleled Grip

Experience the unbeatable grip of the Kronis 4mm Profi Contact palm. This high-performance latex delivers exceptional traction, allowing you to confidently handle the ball. The palm is further enhanced with a V-shaped extended design, maximizing contact area and control.

Dynamic Wrist Support

The LYNA gloves boast a one-piece wrist design seamlessly integrated with the backhand. This unique construction creates a twisting mechanism that offers the perfect balance between support and flexibility, enabling optimal performance.

Impressive Features

The Kronis LYNA Goalkeeper Gloves are equipped with a range of notable features to elevate your game:

  • 4mm Profi Contact palm for superior grip
  • Wrap hybrid cut for enhanced control and comfort
  • Blended material backhand for durability and flexibility
  • One-piece strap for a secure and personalized fit
  • Anti-Slip Silicone for enhanced grip and stability

Experience the future of goalkeeper gloves with the Kronis LYNA Goalkeeper Gloves. Dominate the field with confidence, precision, and unbeatable grip.

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