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KRONIS Tiempo Boxing Glove

KRONIS Tiempo Boxing Glove

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The KRONIS Tiempo Boxing Glove is an exceptional luxury glove, designed to provide you with protection, comfort, durability and style all in one ultimate glove. This glove features our high-quality and premium lace-up design, offering you new levels of security and comfort to your wrists and hands that are unbeatable whether you're an amateur or professional fighter.

They've been handcrafted by our team of highly skilled  craftsmen, who put hours of work and meticulous care into each and every glove that they produce. Made from 100% genuine leather sourced from the best tanneries across the globe, bringing you the best of the best when it comes to your gloves.

The KRONIS boxing glove offers uncompromising performance alongside extraordinary luxury, delivering you the ultimate training experience time and time again for your boxing needs.

It’s a glove that can be used for all kinds of training, providing you unparalleled durability which is evident throughout; from our top grade supple leather hides, to the lining and the double stitching that adorns the exterior. Incorporating our unique high-density foam, which is designed for optimal protection, comfort and feel. This glove is made for those who demand optimal performance and perfect balance in a glove.  

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
New Kronis Boxing Gloves

Love these gloves, feel very firm and have great protection on the hands which for a boxer is crucial! 10/10 also very comfortable didn’t have that painful feeling of breaking them in.

Kronis Boxing Glove

As a fighter myself this boxing glove has really been a game changer. The hands and knuckles feel amazing and well protected. Aside from this all, they are the best weapon to inflict pain on the opposition in a respectful way. Love the Kronis Glove.

Aidan W.
Nicest Gloves Yet!!

Very well made gloves! Super comfortable and easy to get on, durable material and great design!! 10/10

George Chen
Great fight gloves

Big fan of the fight gloves, feel incredibly soft and easy to get into. Very form fitting for my hands and doesn’t feel too stiff. Doesn’t seem like a break in period is required, the gloves feel ready to use right away upon lacing. Comfort 5/5!

Best new gloves on the scene.

With all the different types of boxing gloves that are in the market, it’s really hard to find those that are handcrafted and stand out. Considering the company that makes them you can tell everything is state of the art and handcrafted with exceptional detail, the only gloves that I can relate these two are grant gloves and they’re a fraction of the price.

Great Gloves

These gloves are amazing! As a boxer you need to keep your hands very comfortable and safe without so much injuries and this does all the above. Very glad I’m using these for excellent work!