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Welcome back to the KRONIS AXIOS, the goalkeeper glove that started it all..

Experience unparalleled comfort without compromise with the AXIOS goalkeeper gloves. Originally launched in 2015 the AXIOS is a timeless piece that provides the utmost comfort, flexibility, and grip, the AXIOS redefines excellence in glove design.

The AXIOS introduces our most innovative cut – the AXIOS Cut. This unique cut envelops the hand from all axis points, delivering unprecedented comfort and flexibility that perfectly conforms to the hand's contours. Elevate your performance with a glove that becomes an extension of your skill.

The AXIOS features the Kronis 4mm SMG latex on the palm, boasting one of the softest latex materials available in the market. This advanced latex technology not only provides an incredibly soft touch but also offers extended grip durability for consistent performance.

Engineered with precision, the wrist strap is a single latex loop with a strategically designed center that offers substantial support. This added support plays a vital role in preventing wrist hyperextension, particularly when dealing with powerful shots.


4mm SMG LATEX for exceptional grip and durability
HYBRID Expansion cut for supreme comfort and flexibility
Popcon material backhand for enhanced durability
One-piece strap design for secure fit
3D Punching zone for improved ball control
Embossed backhand for added style and texture

The KRONIS AXIOS is your gateway to ultimate comfort and performance on the field. Elevate your game with gloves that prioritize your comfort while delivering unparalleled grip and flexibility. Discover a new level of play with the AXIOS – where comfort meets Timeless.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Welcome back Kronis AXIOS

Conocí Kronis Axios hace 9 años. Fueron uno de los mejores guantes que utilicé por su grip y confort ya que se amoldaban a mi mano como a mi me gustaba.

Además que me encantaban la limpieza en su diseño haciéndolo un guante muy elegante en mi opinión.

Estoy feliz porque están de vuelta. Ya encargué los míos para utilizarlos cuando me inviten nuevamente a jugar.

Luis Michel.

I met the KRONIS AXIOS 9 years ago. They were some of the best gloves I wore due to their grip and comfort. They would mold to my hand the way I enjoyed gloves to.

I loved the cleaness of the look and design. It gave it a very elegant look in my opinion.

I’m very happy that they are back. I’ve ordered my pair again, in case I get invited to play once again.

Luis Michel.

Stacy Diaz


One of my all time favorite gloves

The Axios is one of my favorite gloves I’ve ever owned. The grip is fantastic and the durability is unmatchable. I used these gloves at least 3 training sessions a week on turf for a year and the grip was still great.

Confidence Inspiring Product

During my time at competing at the highest level, I was fortunate enough to come across Kronis and be able to use several iterations of their goalkeeper gloves along the way. The one that held true in allowing me to perform without worries of grip or durability was always the Axios. Selecting a proper glove is by far the most essential part of the job and I could always trust the Axios to eliminate any doubt in performance, unlike other more expensive brands on the market that feel as if they got away from function over form over the years. If you’re new to the game or have been competing at a high level, I recommend anyone to pick up a pair of Axios and see for yourself. The comfort, grip, durability, price confidence they provided were always unmatched.

Joshua Ramirez
My Favorite Glove Ever

I played college between 2015-2019 and growing up my favorite glove was the adidas Petr Cech Allround Pro from 2011. As technology advanced and gloves became smaller and more formfitting I was really disappointed to not have the confidence of newer model gloves. I personally prefer more surface area so that I feel comfortable in handling the ball in all situations (especially in claiming a ball outside my 6 from a corner or free kick). Fortunately for me I found this Kronis glove midway through my college career. I once again had all the confidence in any ball handling situation. This glove cut is the closest I can find to that glove I grew up loving. However this glove is my favorite because Kronis has done the hard work to cut out all the unnecessary fabric and material to bring you a glove with more surface area than most modern gloves while not sacrificing the ball feel. I would even go as far to say that these gloves have much more ball feel than the adidas gloves giving me more confidence than ever between the 3 posts. I have had two pairs of these. The last pair I bought after college and since I haven’t used them as much, they have lasted me about 2 years with regular maintenance. With these being 60 dollars, they are a steal and you will not find a better glove at this price point.

Sebastian St Jules
Great Pair of Gloves

Wore these throughout college and they were great. They mold to your hands and the latex is amazing and real grippy as well. Great durability also. All around, a great glove.