How to Wear Grip Socks for Soccer

if you are goalkeeper or field player, you know that the detail of what you wear can have a direct impact on your performance. While soccer cleats have a big impact on play, so can soccer grips socks, but a lot of players do not know about this technique or do know how to go about wearing them with their designated team colors.

Soccer Grips Socks are an easy and inexpensive way to increase goalkeeper and field player performance. 

Grip socks are a great way to ensure that your feet are steady and have a grip in your soccer cleats to prevent sliding, and provide that extra support and reduce foot movement within the shoe. Grips socks are so important in soccer that they are part of the mandatory uniforms at the Academy Camp, Kronis's premier goalkeeper camp. 

This article explains how to wear grip socks to optimize their benefits and elevate your athletic performance.

How to Wear Soccer Grips Socks

Wearing normal socks while playing soccer can be challenging, as sweat tends to make the socks slippery in your boot and this can impact your performance. In a position like goalkeeper, the difference in a 1/2 second response time can mean the difference between getting. your fingertips on the ball or making an epice 

Grip football socks provide a solution to this problem, and have quickly become a staple in the locker room of many professional soccer players. The question is, my grips socks are white and only go just above my ankle, and my team had red or green socks.

If you are part of a team that has specific colors, which carry through to the sock design, then you may need to cut your team socks to wear them together with the grip socks

Time to Cut Your Team Socks

If your team has socks in a specific color as part of their uniform, you will need to do a bit of modification to wear them with grip socks

Using a pair of sharp scissors, cut the foot section off of your team socks. This will be done along the ankle line so that everything above that remains. This will create a sleeve that will go over the top part of your grips socks.

Putting on Soccer Grips Socks

For quality grip socks, Kronis has you covered, our newly designed grips socks are similar in thickness to most soccer socks so your cleats will fit perfectly. They are known for optimizing speed on the field and in the goalkeepers box. They are also proven to last over time thanks to our athletes at our goalkeeper academy and goalkeepers camps. 

First off we recommend wearing shin guard sleeves with this setup, just as an extra layer of precaution. 

1) Slip on shin guard sleeves and shin guards.

2) Pull on soccer grip socks so that a minimum of 1" is over the shin guard and / or the shin guard sleeve.This helps to hold them in place and keep the from slipping down.

3) Pull on your team's (cut) soccer socks over your grip socks and shin guard covers. Your cut team socks should slightly overlap with the grip socks so that there is no exposed skin.

KRONIS Grip Socks

Soccer grip socks should be non-negotiable for any professional or amateur athlete, as it provides the utmost support for your feet by preventing slippage and movement of your feet in your shoes. 

Give this method a try one day in practice with an old pair of socks and see how it makes a difference. You can find KRONIS Grip socks here and also on our Amazon store. 

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